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4 advantages for companies in recruiting foreign workers

For some years now, French companies have been facing a major challenge: hiring qualified personnel in specific sectors such as construction, food processing and industry. Alerted by this observation, our company Capa Intérim has positioned itself in the recruitment of skilled labor abroad to meet the growing demand from local companies. Are you a company ready to hire quickly and efficiently? Discover the 4 advantages of recruiting foreign workers with Capa Intérim.

Recruiting foreign workers to offset local labor shortages

Having cut their teeth recruiting on the French market, Capa Intérim’s teams found themselves faced with a major challenge in the 2010s: the number of temporary workers in France was insufficient to meet the growing demand for recruitment from companies in “high-pressure” sectors such as food processing, construction and industry.

To make up for this shortage of local manpower, Capa Intérim decided to broaden its search beyond France by focusing on the recruitment of foreign workers who were both motivated and qualified.

Choose foreign labor recruitment to optimize your productivity

With its expertise in recruitment and impatriation, our company Capa Intérim offers new solutions and resources to companies in France. We position ourselves as the ideal partner for qualified recruitment, thanks to controlled in-house sourcing.

Capa temporary workers already trained in their home countries are immediately operational, enabling our partner companies to increase efficiency and productivity on their production lines and units, or on their worksites, depending on their sector of activity.

Expand your business through international mobility

Deciding to recruit foreign workers also means opening up new prospects for growth and development. Today’s French companies need a skilled workforce to meet the challenges inherent in their activities, whether temporary or permanent.

From defining recruitment needs to managing existing staff, including sourcing and administrative formalities, Capa Intérim offers management and support from A to Z.

Our sourcing is totally controlled in-house thanks to our 8 agencies in France and Romania, as well as our 2 partner agencies in Senegal and Georgia. We rigorously select the foreign workers who will join the ranks of our partner companies in France and contribute to their growth, according to criteria of motivation, know-how and adaptability.

Benefit from optimal logistics and flexibility thanks to Capa Intérim recruitment

Temporary work is a sector where flexibility and responsiveness are paramount. Depending on their activity, French companies may need to hire a workforce to cope with seasonal variations. Thanks to our experience, our qualified sourcing and our support, we can respond to recruitment needs in a reactive and adapted way.

Choosing to recruit a foreign workforce via Capa Interim means that companies can take advantage of complete, global logistics: on arrival in France, foreign temporary workers are looked after by our teams, provided with a shared vehicle and accommodated close to their place of work.

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