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The Caen temp agency welcomes you from Monday to Friday to advise and assist you in your job search. Our aim is to find the right temporary assignment for you. Are you a company? Capa Intérim’s staff are at your disposal and will find you the right temp for the job.

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Damien Drillet, Caen interim agency manager

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The entire Capa Intérim Caen team remains at your disposal to advise you, guide you and answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    How do you find the right temp job in Caen?

    As a temporary worker, your various assignments will enable you to consolidate your experience and develop your skills. You know how to adapt to different corporate cultures and working methods. You quickly identify ways of integrating into the teams of the companies where you work. Don’t forget that a temp’s ability to adapt is a real skill that sets you apart from other jobseekers! Cultivate your network and take advantage of the wealth and variety of temporary assignments in Caen offered by your CAPA agency.

    What professions are recruiting temps in Châteaubriant?

    Your CAPA temp agency in Caen offers a wide range of assignments in the building trades: electricians, bricklayers, tilers, painters , etc. Other factory jobs such as forklift operator or welder are also in high demand. Don’t hesitate to contact CAPA Intérim if one of these profiles suits you!

    Companies in Caen, find the temporary worker you need!

    CAPA Intérim Caen selects the profiles best suited to your company’s needs: permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts or long-term temporary assignments in the agri-food, industrial, construction, retail and service sectors.

    Our Caen temp agency offers tailor-made support for all companies looking fortemps in Normandy.

    CAPA Intérim Caen has set up a recruitment process with a very artisanal spirit: meticulous, tailor-made work and direct contact. In this way, companies will be able to maintain their performance, and then improve it through an appropriate training plan.

    Discover our current job offers above, and contact us for any further information you may require!