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8 interim agencies in Châteaubriant, Laval, Rennes, Sablé-sur-Sarthe, Ploërmel, Caen, including 2 interim agencies in Romania, in Bacau and Ploiesti.

For over 20 years, Capa Intérim has remained true to its values and ambitions. We have been able to surround ourselves with a team of reliable and loyal professionals, who have helped us grow in the west of France and abroad. The proximity we maintain with our customers gives us a real understanding of their businesses and their requirements in terms of manpower, whether in the agri-food, industrial, construction, service, transport or logistics sectors.

A temping agency with values


Bringing in foreign workers is often a source of mistrust, mostly due to unfamiliarity with other people. Our role at Capa Intérim is to ensure that temps and customers get to know and understand each other. This approach is equally valid with temps themselves and between temps and Capa employees.

Helping others

Team spirit is very strong at Capa Intérim. There’s a real sense of mutual support between all team members: temps and employees.


We are very attentive to the motivations of the people we recruit, both for temps and for our employees.
Professional skills are obviously an essential criterion in our recruitment process, but desire and commitment are fundamental to joining Capa.
This is undoubtedly one of the reasons for Capa’s success.

The Capa Intérim

Agency managers, secretaries, sales people or accountants, we are more than 30 employees at the service of our customers and our temps.

Spread across our 8 temporary employment agencies, we are a close-knit team committed to upholding the Capa Intérim values of mutual aid, caring and excellence.

Christian Sagna,
Manager of Capa Intérim

Recruiting foreign workers is a special skill that we have been developing for over 20 years. We had to find a solution to meet our customers’ needs.
In France today, we’re seeing a shortage of manpower in manual trades – we now have to recruit beyond our borders. Mentalities have changed radically in recent years, particularly among the younger generation, who now want to work differently – but the way French companies work has not yet adapted sufficiently, so resorting to foreign labor is one of the solutions.

And that’s where Capa Intérim’s expertise and legitimacy lie!

Our interimexpertise

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métiers intérim agroalimentaire

Food industry

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Agence Capa Intérim Ploërmel 2
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CAPA Intérim The story


Two new Capa Intérim branches

Capa Intérim continues to grow with the opening of a temporary employment agency in Caen, France, and a temporary employment agency in Bacau, Romania.

A new beginning

Capa Intérim dissociates itself from the Capa Group to pursue its development and concentrate on its core business: “interim”! Management is now 100% under the responsibility of Christian Sagna. 2022 also marks the opening of a new interim agency in Rennes.


Capa Intérim continues to grow

2021 marks the opening of the Capa Ploiesti temporary employment agency in Romania. This international expansion reflects the agency’s commitment to international recruitment and impatriation.

Temporary work, but not only

Capa Intérim joins CAPA Group with two new branches: training and recruitment.


Two new branches

December 2019 sees the opening of two new branches. The first temp agency is in Josselin, Morbihan, the second temp agency is in Laval, Mayenne.


Capa moves to Nantes, where it relocates its headquarters two years later.



The Châteaubriant temp agency is opened, along with a second in Montaigu. Christian Sagna becomes Châteaubriant branch manager.

A new leader

Jacques Guyot sells his company. Mathieu Vincent joins Olivier Cosnier, manager at Euroviande and O’Taf after a 20-year career as a boner, as head of Capa Intérim.


Two men to boost Capa

Jacques Guyot met Mathieu Vincent in 2011. He asks her to join the team, as he’s looking for someone to take over the business and develop the construction branch. Mathieu’s career path, as a Compagnon du Devoir before running a garage, is very representative of the Capa spirit: integrate people with varied profiles, believe in their talent and motivation, then offer them prospects for advancement. That same year, Christian Sagna joined Capa Intérim. Christian is a former professional footballer in Eastern Europe. It’s a perfect illustration of the “Capa spirit”: good teamwork encourages people to surpass themselves. Hired as a sales representative, he developed the international recruitment division. For both Mathieu and Christian, these new opportunities were not the last…

Opening of Sablé-sur-Sarthe temporary employment agency

The Sablé-sur-Sarthe temporary employment agency was inaugurated in 2004. The number of Capa Intérim employees has risen to five.


An unusual local history

The Capa Intérim adventure began in the early 2000s. Jacques Guyot works as a boner-cutter in an industrial butcher’s shop. A tough job, in a sector that has always struggled to recruit. He has observed the difficulties of finding competent, motivated staff throughout his career in the food industry.

A new millennium, a new course. Jacques decided to find a solution to the problem by setting up his own temporary employment agency. Capa Intérim is born! The first branch opened its doors in 2000 in Bain-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine), to stay as close as possible to company demand.