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Capa Intérim is always on the lookout for new temporary workers. Whether in the construction, food processing, manufacturing, service or transport sectors, we recruit in a wide range of fields.

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Our opportunities for temporary assignments in various sectors of activity

Today, temporary work has become a popular way for companies to meet their staffing needs while offering workers greater flexibility. There is currently a wide range of temporary employment opportunities in various fields of activity, including public works, agri-food, the service sector, transport and industry. In the following list, we explore these different sectors and the benefits of temporary work for workers and companies.

Temporary assignments in the building and civil engineering sector

Public works companies often need skilled labour for temporary projects. Temporary positions in this sector include jobs such as machine operators, construction workers and maintenance technicians. In this way, temporary workers can gain varied experience while meeting the needs of the industry.

Becoming a temporary worker in the food industry

The agri-food industry is constantly evolving, and companies need seasonal workers to cope with peaks in activity. Temporary jobs in this sector include fruit picking, food preparation and the production line. This is an excellent opportunity for students and people looking for a temporary extra income.

Find a Service / Tertiary temporary assignment

The tertiary sector encompasses a variety of professions, including accountancy, human resources, project management and customer service. Temporary jobs in this field offer workers the chance to gain experience in different sectors, which can be beneficial to their professional development.

Temporary work in the transport sector

Transport companies need lorry drivers, couriers, delivery drivers and maintenance staff. Temporary jobs in this sector are often well-paid, with the opportunity to choose flexible working hours to suit personal needs.

Temporary workers in industry

Industry encompasses various sectors, including manufacturing, logistics and production. Temporary workers are often in demand for temporary assignments, which allow them to acquire new skills and develop their professional network.

Temporary work offers many job opportunities in a variety of fields. Whether you’re looking for diversified experience or a way to fill one-off staffing needs, temping can be an attractive option for workers and companies alike. It’s essential to work with a trusted temporary employment agency like Capa to find opportunities that match your skills and career goals.

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