Our CSR approach

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Guaranteeing quality of life for Capa employees Interim

We provide all our employees with a pleasant working environment: comfortable premises, ergonomic workstations, bright surroundings… but also a quality of working life based on trust, dialogue and autonomy.

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Ensuring the well-being of our temporary workers

We provide them with stable, clean accommodation, vehicles when they need them, and interpreters to help them communicate.
Every year, at the end of the year, we organize a festive day in keeping with Romanian traditions, as a way of thanking those who make the effort to stay in France over the holidays.

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Involving our customers in our CSR approach

Our temps work at our customers’ sites, so it’s important for us to involve our customers in our CSR approach. We are immediately alerted if they detect a problem, whether we have placed 50 temps with them or just one.

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We are convinced that well-being and motivation are inextricably linked, and that they foster team spirit. We even believe that this is the secret of Capa Intérim’s development.

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