Our temporary employment agency selects the best talent for you!

Capa Intérim’s approach is different from that of other temporary employment agencies.

We work in close collaboration with our customers and temporary staff, in a spirit of craftsmanship: meticulous, made-to-measure work in direct contact.
Our responsibility is to solve your recruitment problems and guarantee the reliability of our workforce.

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Why choose temporary work?


With over 20 years’ experience and know-how in the temporary employment sector, we are able to offer you qualified, experienced temporary workers, selected not only for their skills, but also for their motivation.
We’ll take care of everything, so all you have to do is welcome the temps into your team!

Personalized support from A to Z

From finding temps in France or abroad to administrative formalities, you won’t have to do a thing! An essential time-saver that lets you concentrate on your core business.

Qualified temporary staff selected in the country of origin

We recruit only qualified and experienced temporary workers.
In their home countries, our temporary workers have a real understanding of the job they will be doing in France.

Temporary employment contracts under French law

At Capa Intérim, you can be sure that you’ll be fully compliant with tax legislation. All the temporary employment contracts we offer our customers and temps are governed by French law. A key element in your protection!

Flexible temporary contracts

With Capa Interim temps, the company is never constrained – it retains all the flexibility of its organization.
Our responsiveness, our network and the way we operate have always reassured our customers looking for temps. Capa Intérim brings in temporary workers, finds them an assignment and adapts to its customers’ needs and processes.

Reactivity guaranteed

With 20 years’ experience, Capa intérim is committed to meeting new needs within a few days. Bringing in temporary workers from abroad is no problem at all. With today’s means of transport, this is possible within a day by plane, or 48 hours by coach. Guaranteed responsiveness!

Supervised temporary workers

Each temp is in constant contact with a Capa Intérim consultant or with the temp agency manager directly. Day-to-day support to answer their questions, reassure them and provide guidance.

Translators at your service

Capa Intérim’s team includes bilingual employees who act as a link between companies and temporary workers, facilitating dialogue and understanding of temporary assignments. They can also help companies draft their internal messages for foreign workers.

Training courses for temporary workers

As your needs evolve, Capa intérim organizes skill enhancement courses through training organizations. Capa intérim works with you to tailor-make each course, and takes care of all the administrative aspects.

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The starting point: “I need manpower, I contact Capa Intérim!”

A Capa Interim contact person is on the move

...to talk things over, visit our production facilities, and find out exactly what you need. You send us the job descriptions and your expectations in terms of skills.

Capa intérim offers several profiles to meet your needs

You are free to select those that best meet your technical requirements. Interviews can be conducted by videoconference.

Temporary workers' first months

Once the temporary workers have been recruited, Capa Intérim handles all the administration, travel, arrival and support for the first few months. Neither you nor the temp are on their own! The Capa Intérim team is always available.

On the day of hiring

On the day of hiring, the Capa Intérim consultant accompanies the temporary worker into the company.

Capa intérim emphasizes availability and responsiveness.

That's why Capa intérim's contact person can be reached at any time to resolve any problems that may arise during the course of the contract. It's not a question of adding procedure with regular follow-up points, but rather of staying true to the artisanal model driven by Capa by remaining available at all times.

Our philosophy

Trusting French and foreign workers

To meet the needs of our clients, we look for our temporary workers in France, but also beyond our borders. International recruitment, which has been the spearhead of Capa Interim since its creation, is a real advantage for our clients and employees, a broad and enriching human and professional resource for all.

Our conviction:

Contrary to prejudices, foreign temps are reliable, experienced and motivated. Already trained in their home countries, they are immediately operational and enthusiastic about exercising their skills in France. We offer them good career prospects and much more attractive remuneration levels than in their home countries.

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Simple, efficient and responsive

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Capa temps are efficient, reliable and integrate perfectly.

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Capa Intérim is highly responsive.

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