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The CAPA spirit

A temporary employment agency serving temporary workers

At Capa Interim, temporary work is a choice.
We do our utmost to promote the well-being of our temporary workers and the satisfaction of our clients.
Talent detectors for over 20 years, Capa Interim provides comprehensive support for both its temporary workers and its clients.

Our goal? Build loyalty, facilitate the process and save time.

Our expertise in temporary work

If you’re looking for a temporary assignment in industry, the food industry, construction, the service sector or transport, Capa temporary employment agency will be able to guide you in your job search.

métiers intérim industrie


métiers intérim agroalimentaire

Food industry

métiers intérim BTP


métiers intérim tertiaire


métiers intérim transports


Our latest interim assignments

Capa Intérim is always on the lookout for new temporary workers. Whether in the construction, food processing, manufacturing, service or transport sectors, we recruit in a wide range of fields. Would you like to submit an unsolicited application? Choose your nearest temporary employment agency and submit your application.

Our philosophy

Trusting French and foreign workers

To meet the needs of our clients, we look for our temporary workers in France, but also beyond our borders. International recruitment, which has been the spearhead of Capa Interim since its creation, is a real advantage for our clients and employees, a broad and enriching human and professional resource for all.

Our conviction:

Contrary to popular belief, foreign temporary workers are reliable, experienced and motivated.
Already trained in their home countries, they are immediately operational and enthusiastic about exercising their skills in France.
We offer them good career prospects and much more attractive remuneration levels than in their home countries.

capa intérim

Why choose temp work?


In line with our customers’ needs, your Capa Interim agency selects qualified and verified profiles, ensuring the success of our assignments.
In addition to an interim assignment, Capa Interim offers many advantages to its clients and temporary workers.

I'm a temp
  • Interim contract under French law
  • Proposal for shared accommodation
  • Vehicle made available
  • A Capa Interim referent at your service
  • Prospects for development
I am a company
  • Temporary work contract under French law
  • Complete management of the file by Capa Interim
  • Qualified profiles selected in their country of origin
  • Temporary workers supervised by a Capa Intérim consultant

They trust us

Do you need more information for candidates or companies?

CAPA Intérim's commitments






Our temping agencies in France and Romania

Calea Mărășești 11,
Scara C, Bacău 600019
+40 334 102 050

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11 Rue du Pont de Mayenne,
53000 Laval
02 43 67 25 46

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Bulevardul Republicii nr114 bl 14B2,
Ploiești 100385
+40 344 263 078

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50 rue de Bray,
35510 Cesson-Sévigné
02 40 28 05 93

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8 Rue Haute Saint-Martin,
72300 Sablé-sur-Sarthe
02 43 62 14 20

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