Temporary assignments to suit your profile!

We are very close to our temps. We provide them with personalized day-to-day support.

At Capa Intérim, there’s always someone on hand to help our temps with everything from administrative matters to installation and follow-up at the customer’s premises.

capa intérim

Become a Capa interim


We focus on people and the well-being of our temps.
You won’t be a French, Romanian or Latvian temp, but a Capa temp!

Comprehensive care

Thanks to our years of experience in temporary work and international recruitment, we have acquired the specific know-how that sets us apart. At Capa intérim we take care of everything, right down to the plane ticket we can advance for our temps.

Interim contracts under French law with social security benefits

All the interim contracts we offer our temps are governed by French law.
A fundamental element in their protection!
Capa Interim temporary workers benefit from higher wages than in their country of origin, and better social protection.

A CAPA referent Interim

A Capa Intérim consultant is assigned to each temporary worker even before they arrive in France.
Day-to-day support to ensure that temps never feel alone, to facilitate their interim assignment and their stay, to guide them and answer any questions they may have.

Vehicles made available to our temporary workers

Our temporary employment agencies provide several 4-seater, 7-seater or 9-seater vehicles for shared transport to the workplace. A rarity in the temporary employment market, Capa Intérim plays the trust card: temporary workers are free to organize their own journeys, and can also use the vehicles in the evenings and at weekends.

Shared temporary accommodation

Capa intérim attaches great importance to the comfort of its temps. We provide accommodation, apartments or houses, equipped with quality facilities (bedding, appliances, etc.), in which they will be accommodated with a maximum of two per room.

Translators to facilitate exchanges

To ensure that language is not a problem, Capa intérim employs a number of bilingual staff, including administrative secretaries and several Capa referents, who are the first point of contact for temporary workers.

Prospects for development

Development prospects are real. Our Capa Intérim teams include many former temps from all walks of life. Just like the mosaic that makes up the Capa team! Some temporary workers are also hired on permanent contracts by partner companies. Career development that can change their lives!

Training courses for temporary workers

Capa Intérim is committed to developing the profiles of its temporary workers, in line with the needs of its customers. Skills enhancement courses are organized with training organizations. Capa intérim designs each internship “made-to-measure” with the customer, and takes care of all the administrative aspects.

But above all
communauté capa intérim

A CAPA Intérim community

Capa Intérim fosters a genuine team spirit. Employees, temps, different nationalities and characters make up a single team focused on the same goal: the success of the collective and the fulfillment of all. Once you join Capa, all differences disappear in favor of team spirit.

You too can become an interim Capa!

Would you like more information? Contact your nearest temping agency!

Our philosophy

Trusting French and foreign workers

To meet the needs of our clients, we look for our temporary workers in France, but also beyond our borders. International recruitment, which has been the spearhead of Capa Interim since its creation, is a real advantage for our clients and employees, a broad and enriching human and professional resource for all.

Our conviction:

Contrary to popular belief, foreign temporary workers are reliable, experienced and motivated.
Already trained in their home countries, they are immediately operational and enthusiastic about exercising their skills in France.
We offer them good career prospects and much more attractive remuneration levels than in their home countries.

Do you have any questions about temporary employment? See our frequently asked questions or contact us.

How do we recruit at Capa Intérim?

The starting point: “I need a new interim assignment, I contact Capa Intérim!”

Step 1

You can send us an unsolicited application or respond to an interim assignment.

Step 2

We analyze your background, training and experience. We ask you about your desires, your state of mind and your motivations, and try to understand who you are.

Step 3

We study interim offers that match your qualifications and expectations.

Step 4

We'll take care of all the administrative side of things for you, including travel and accommodation if you're a foreign temporary worker.

Step 5

If you're coming from abroad, a Capa representative will welcome you on arrival at the airport or train station and settle you into your accommodation.

Step 6

This person, or the interim agency manager, will accompany you around the company and train you for your assignment.

Step 7

You can contact your contact person at any time to report a problem or ask a question.

Step 8

Capa intérim is committed to the long term, which is why at the end of an assignment we make a point of offering you the next one. It's systematic, part of our fundamental mission.