Missions d’intérim dans l’industrie, l’agroalimentaire et le BTP : Le top 15 des métiers qui recrutent en 2024

Top 15 temping occupations recruiting in 2024

Are you currently looking for a job? Thinking about a potential career change in a promising sector? Would you like to find a job that offers you fulfillment and flexibility? Switch to temporary work thanks to the numerous assignments offered by our Capa Interim agencies! Discover the Top 15 jobs that will be recruiting the most in 2024.

The professions that recruit most in Industry

Industry encompasses economic activities dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of material goods. This sector, which transforms raw materials into consumer goods, is considered to be one of the fastest-growing. Indeed, in the wake of a series of major events such as the health crisis, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the global inflationary context, the industrial sector is currently facing tensions in terms of both supplies and recruitment.

At Capa Intérim, we have many partner companies looking for skilled labor to work in strategic positions in the field. Welders, boilermakers, industrial operators, maintenance operators and maintenance technicians are some of the most sought-after profiles, and are among the most sought-after professions in industry. Discover our job offers in the industry now.

Professions that recruit the most in the construction industry

The Building and Public Works sector, more commonly known as “BTP”, is one of France’s most important economic sectors, with annual sales of 210 billion euros. It covers design, development, renovation and construction activities. For several years now, the building and civil engineering sector has been facing a number of issues and challenges linked to changes in the environment, technology and human resources, as well as a number of employment-related issues. Indeed, construction companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find a workforce that is motivated, qualified and open to mobility. At Capa Intérim, we have a number of job offers in the construction industry’s most popular recruiting sectors: facade builders, plasterers and formworkers. If your profile matches one of these job profiles, contact our temporary employment agency.

The professions that are recruiting most in the Agrifoods sector

Much more than just a sector, the agri-food industry is a chain encompassing all the players involved in the production process of food products, from cultivation or breeding to processing into finished products. Even though it is often at the heart of many social debates, both environmental and health-related, the agri-food sector plays more than ever a key role in the dynamism of the French economy, both nationally and internationally. Today, there are still many vacancies in this sector, which is constantly creating jobs, and the most sought-after by local companies are the following: boners, trimmers, gutters, cutters, bridlers, hangers and slaughterhouse workers. If you’re interested in careers in this constantly evolving sector, visit one of our branches to work with our teams on site to build your future career plan!