5 avantages principaux de l’intérim pour les travailleurs - Capa Intérim

The benefits of temping for workers

In recent years, temporary employment contracts have become increasingly popular among workers, for a number of reasons. But do you really know the 5 main advantages of temping?

1. Attractive remuneration

It’s a well-known advantage of temping: the pay! In addition to the basic salary, temporary employment contracts contain a number of attractive benefits for the employee: the end-of-assignment indemnity (IFM) and the vacation pay indemnity (ICCP), each equivalent to 10% of the total gross remuneration. In some sectors, other allowances may also be added!

2. Autonomy and flexibility

Temping, also known as temporary work, offers candidates great flexibility, as they can choose assignments according to their personal needs and desires. For example, he or she can opt for longer or shorter assignments, working in a particular sector or on a full-time or part-time basis (depending on the offers available from temporary employment agencies). This modularity allows for a better balance between professional and personal life, and also avoids monotony at work!

3. Gaining experience

If you’re looking to gain a wide range of professional experience, then temping will be your best ally! In fact, in terms of positions and sectors of activity, it will enable you to accumulate diverse and varied assignments that you can use as real experience and set yourself apart on the job market.

4. Upgrading skills

In addition to the skills acquired on the job during temporary assignments, during some of them you may be asked to take additional training courses to adapt to the needs of the host company and the positions held. In this case, temping will enable you to broaden your professional qualifications in new or related trades.

5. Support and networking

When you work as a temp, you’re supported by a temporary employment agency. Some, like CAPA intérim, support temporary workers from A to Z, from recruitment to integration into the company, including the necessary administrative formalities. Our branch staff are there to advise and guide you in your professional project, as well as to put you in touch with our preferred partners to expand your network and improve your employability!