Journée internationale de la santé et de la sécurité au travail : les engagements Capa Intérim

International Day for Safety and Health at Work: Capa Intérim’s commitments

Since 2003, the International Day for Safety and Health at Work has been celebrated every year on April 28, with the aim of raising awareness of the risks potentially incurred by employees in the workplace, but not only. Do you know what’s at stake on this day? Read our article to find out more about the objectives of the day, and how Capa Intérim is committed to ensuring maximum safety for its employees and temps, both now and in the future.

What is the International Day for Safety and Health at Work?

Established in 1996 by a trade union movement, then more officially in 2003 by the International Labour Organization (ILO), this day is intended to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases throughout the world. This day is an opportunity to alert companies, trade unions and employers’ organizations, as well as government representatives, to health and safety issues in the workplace.

In 2024, the ILO plans to launch a new report on “Occupational safety and health in a changing climate”, with the aim of revealing new data about the impact of climate change on working life.

Capa Intérim’s commitments to guarantee the health and safety of affiliated temporary workers

At Capa Intérim, over and above our legal obligations, we are committed to ensuring the safety and good health of our employees and temps in the field. Promoting, respecting and fulfilling the fundamental right to a safe and healthy working environment are central to our corporate policy.

To this end, we have already implemented a number of actions:

1) Provision and signing off of official documentation

Each time a temporary worker joins a partner company, he or she receives a safety awareness booklet from his or her Capa Intérim consultant. This booklet, issued by the FASST (Fonds d’action social du travail temporaire), enables each temporary worker to familiarize themselves with the general safety rules, then return it signed before starting work.

2) Supporting and monitoring temporary workers

At Capa Intérim, supporting our temps is at the heart of our commitments. As such, our branch assistants ensure rigorous follow-up of medical check-ups and potential work-related accidents.

3) Provision of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Depending on the position held by the temporary worker, Capa Intérim undertakes to provide the following personal protective equipment (PPE) Our partner companies operating in specific sectors also supply special equipment such as hoods, gloves and welding aprons.

Capa Intérim’s occupational health and safety projects

Because these issues are at the heart of our corporate policy, Caroline P., our Payroll and Billing Manager, is taking charge of this new occupational health and safety aspect, and has already announced a number of new projects: “In 2024, we plan to continue and intensify our current support for the temporary workers who place their trust in us, as well as rolling out a number of projects such as more regular “safety visits” to our customers, so that we can work together to build up the company’s future. an ever safer working environment.”